A perfect pair of sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also bring out your unique facial contour, giving extra credits to your fashionable appearances. But how do we choose sunglasses that are right for you? You need to start from analyzing the shape of your face so that you can find a pair that works that harmonizes your facial features. Once you find “the one”, it amplifies your fashion aura, and levels up your style.

Common face types

  • oval: The ratio of face length to width is about 3:2, and the chin shows a slightly narrow curve.  


  • square: The ratio of face length to width is about 1:1, and your chin is flat with no obvious curves or angles.


  • round: The ratio of face length to width is about 1:1, and your chin is short and round.


  • long: The ratio of face length to width is about 3:2, and  your chin is narrow and slightly pointed.


  • heart: The ratio of face length to width is about 3:2, and your face is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, with a V-shaped chin.

Have you ever wondered what type of face shape you have? A majority of people are unaware of it, not to mention finding a pair that can make their face stand out. So most of the time, when people are shopping for sunglasses, they choose large ones to make their face visually smaller. However, oversized sunglasses are not for everyone.


Here are some guidelines to take into consideration: your glasses should never  cover more than one-third of your face, and the bottom of the frame should hit just above your cheekbones. The next step,then, is to choose a pair according to your face type.


What type of face do I have?

If you don’t know your face type, you may do the following to identify your face features:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror.


  1. Measure the widest part of your face, and the length from your hairline to your chin.


  1. Compare the width and the length of your face.


  • If your hairline-chin length is much longer than your face width, then you have a long face, an oval face or a heart-shaped one.


  • If your face width is almost the same as your hairline-chin length, then you have a round face or a square one.


  • You can also take into consideration the silhouette of your chin. It can be round, angular or pointed.  


Cat-eye sunglasses are the best match for round and square faces. The Rosie  series is crafted with exquisite Acetate material.  The upward-tilting frame can soften the angular feature of square faces and also make round faces visually longer and slender.

The entire Elaine series is crafted with refined acetate material. A modified wayfarer frame, with rounded corners and smooth curves, works the best with long faces. Larger glasses can visually shorten and minimize your face at the same time.  

Angular frames with clean lines work the best with round faces. This design can break up your face structure and give you a shaper, edgier look. Rectangular and cat-eye frames also create balance for round faces. You can find these designs in EMMA series, and the limited edition ANNA series.

If you have a heart face, oval design is your perfect match. The smooth frame softens your face, and the large glasses visually minimize your face.


An oval face is also versatile for most sunglass designs. Whether the design is bold or classic, edgy or all-purpose, as long as the pair is crafted with high-quality material, it works the best with your face features.