The spirit of ROSIE ALLAN is to present fashionable glasses designed for both parents and children. Not only do we offer you stylish designs, but also high functionality. ROSIE ALLAN blue light blocking glasses take gentle care of your eyes. Whether it is for daily wear or as accessories, the Grace series is  wearable, durable and a  fashion piece you should always keep. 

ROSIE ALLAN blue light blocking glasses not only pass the SGS examination, our frames are electroplated with eco-friendly coating manufactured in Germany — safe to animals, plants, nature, and of course human bodies.

The more blue light is blocked, the less light can travel through the glasses, which leads to blurred vision. So higher block rate does NOT equal clear sight. If you’d like a pair of glasses which guarantee both clarity and protection, a block rate of 30% is your best choice. All ROSIE ALLAN glasses have 25~30% blue light blocking rate, protecting your eyes from all the hidden light damage everywhere in our life. 

How to select the blue light blocking glasses that best suit you when they’re widely available everywhere?

ROSIE ALLAN Blue Block Glasses series features polycarbonate glasses, or PC glasses — originally a material designed for astronaut masks and bulletproof windshields. From the products we know that the material can withstand military-level strong impacts. It boosts supreme hardness, stability, heat resistance and light weight. Moreover, poly-carbonated glasses have an impressive transmittance rate as high as 90%, ultra-violet blocking rate of 100% without any coating, and 25~30% for blue light. 

ROSIE ALLAN Blue Block Glasses proudly passes SGS examinations. The glasses can effectively shield blue light from glaring screens, reducing light damage, and reducing discomfort such as dry and tired eyes. ROSIE ALLAN blue light blocking glasses  are not just a fashion piece, they offer you vibrant colors, clear vision and long-time reading comfort.  

ROSIE ALLAN metal frames are all crafted with nichrome, an optimal material for high-end designer glasses as well. Nichrome is known for the following 3 characteristics in the frame manufacture industry: 
  1. Glossy shine — brings out the luxurious texture of metal
  2. Flexibility — enhances long-time wearing comfort 
  3. High corrosion resistance — colors don’t fade away easily. 
  4. High hardness — withstand scratches and wearing.
  5. Some might argue that Titanium is a superior material to nichrome for metal frames. However, light and anti-allergic as the former is, its softness may contribute to low wearing stability due to its weak flexibility and thinness. Most importantly, titanium frames, not being a must for the majority of consumers, are much costlier than nichrome ones.